Skywatch Weather Center meteorologists can bolster your commitment to provide the listening public with accurate and timely weather forecasts.

Our services compete with the "free" weather forecasts available from the National Weather Service, and the barter services that provide their forecasts in exchange for the revenue they get from selling ad spots on your air. There are good reasons why our clients are willing to pay for the Skywatch Weather Center brand name.

Our basic service level for most radio stations includes four forecasts per day. These typically are delivered for use during the morning drive, noon news, afternoon drive, and evening/overnight time periods. Forecasts are delivered using the format and time duration specified by the station's management.

News Talk Radio stations can use the Skywatch Weather Center forecast service to develop market share in today's economy. Rather than repeat the same forecast multiple times each hour, we can provide variety and additional features which will keep the interest of the listening public. We can also provide text versions of the forecasts, so that your on-air talent can maintain the same forecast information if they comment on the weather during other news segments.

These are just some of the things your station can expect as a Skywatch Weather Center client.

Behind the scenes, our meteorologists create your forecasts and special features, recording them in MP3 format. They are then uploaded to our Internet server, in a location dedicated to servicing your account. When it's convenient to you, simply download and save the latest files to your computer system, for multiple on-air play until the next scheduled updates are available.

The links below provide MP3 samples of the range of forecast formats and special features which will provide a unique weather presentation to your listeners.


Five Day Forecast 1
Travelers Forecast 1
Five Day Forecast 2
Travelers Forecast 2
Morning Drive 1
Afternoon Drive 1
Morning Drive 2
Afternoon Drive 2
Beach & Boating
Skiing Weather
Live Interview 1
Five Day Fcst (Stereo)
Live Interview [4:45] - After The Snow Storm


Television personalities call to discuss the weather forecast, and to gather information for their graphics department. Skywatch Weather does not provide the full graphics package that most TV stations use as the anchor of their weather presentations. We can and do provide national and regional weather maps with fronts, areas of precipitation, and temperature profiles. We also provide detailed 5 day forecasts for the viewing area.

With our information in hand, the TV graphics department can prepare maps for on-air display, and present that information in conjunction with the 5 day forecast. In this way, a TV station can present its viewing audience with professional weather forecasts without the cost of hiring and maintaining a full crew of meteorologists on staff

Updates and live interviews during periods of severe or unusual weather events are also available for both radio and TV stations, at no additional cost to you.

For more information contact our webmaster or call us at 1-800-SKYWATCH  [1-800-759-9282]

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