Let's say you have a big decision to make about tomorrow's rain-sensitive activities, and a wrong decision will cost your company thousands of dollars. The forecast you hear on radio and television is "partly cloudy with a 50% chance of rain." Now what do you do?

The Skywatch Weather Center is well known by decision makers in the construction industry as a proven solution to weather information problems since 1980. Weather has cost you money in the past, and the problem will not go away, but here are some examples of how you can trim your losses:

In each example, the Skywatch Weather Center could have saved you thousands of dollars, with just one forecast. This team of professional forecasters can be available to you every minute of every working day. Over the duration of a project, you could realize substantial savings.

Skywatch will call the project office every day (voice, fax, etc.) with a detailed forecast for the following two days and a general daily outlook through seven days. Meteorologists will continue to monitor conditions and issue timely updates if necessary. In addition, foremen and supervisors can call Skywatch toll-free as often as necessary, seven days a week, for specific information about each job location.

There is no long-term contract involved. You can terminate the program any time, such as when the project is completed or during seasonal curtailments.


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