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Air Science Consultants, Inc. provides forensic weather information in support of all types of cases, from simple slip/falls and vehicle accident investigations to loss of life and property damage due to severe weather events.

Our forensic clients often find that a brief report prepared by our professional meteorologists, filed with the initial complaint, helps reaching a quick, reasonable settlement without incurring the time and costs involved in trial prep.

However, if a case does go to trial, we will compile the necessary certified meteorological data and provide the expert testimony needed at a reasonable price.

Cases over the past 25 years include:

slip/fall accidents
auto accidents
snow loading structural damage
flash floods
river flooding
object visibility
lightning damage
wind damage
natural & artificial illumination
sun & moon conditions
outdoor air pollution
fog & rain obscuration to visibility
heat stress
wind chill
weather-related construction delays
storm sewer overflows
environmental studies
climate analysis

For  more information, or to discuss a specific case, give us a call at 412-221-6000 (from the Pittsburgh area) or our toll free number, 1-800-759-9282. Ask for Stan Penkala or Stan Bostjancic (our Chief Meteorologist).

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