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About Us.....

Air Science Consultants, Inc. is a privately owned, full service weather forecasting and environmental consulting firm.  It was started in 1980 by four professional meteorologists and an environmental engineer. 

Four of the original founders are still active in running the company, and they are the sole stockholders:

                                        Dr.  Stanley J. Penkala, Ph.D., President and Director of Air Programs

                                        Stanley Bostjancic, Treasurer and Chief Meteorologist

                                        Daniel Krzywiecki, Vice President.

                                        Harry Green, Secretary.

The company began using Skywatch Weather Center as a registered service mark for the weather forecasting side of the business in 1986, although we provided clients with a full gamut of meteorological services from the start. Our philosophy has always been to provide clients with the best forecast information available, while utilizing proven technology to maximize employee productivity and quality assurance.

Our services are available to private, commercial, industrial  and governmental agencies, and we have clients within all of these sectors.  

On the main page there is a list of services that we provide, if you have any questions please contact us at any time.